By Diana Blidy

Route 66 lit up at nightThis 189-mile stretch of Route 66 through Texas is the second shortest length of highway after Kansas. Below is a list of ten stops in Texas you might find interesting:

  1. Leaning Water Tower: Located in Groom, Texas, this water tower was once functioning until slated for demolition. Purchased by a local businessman, the tower was repurposed to become a truck stop.
  2. VW Slug Bug Ranch: Five Volkswagen Beetles lay nose-down in the ground in Conway, Texas, for passersby to enjoy on Route 66.
  3. Palo Duro Canyon State Park: Located just off Route 66, this state park follows the same trails used by Native Americans, pioneers, and explorers and is a popular, 25,000-acre park.
  4. Big Texan Steak Ranch: Amarillo, Texas, is home to this “must stop” steakhouse, with its typically Texan, white-stretch limos (featuring huge longhorn hood ornaments) parked outside.
  5. Cadillac Ranch: Subject of many films and music videos, this site in Amarillo, Texas, boasts ten up-ended Cadillacs which are nose-down in the ground.
  6. Rt. 66 Midpoint Sign: Traveling East to West on Route 66, this midpoint sign marker is located in Adrian, Texas and sits directly opposite the Midpoint Café-one of the oldest continually operating cafes on Route 66.
  7. The Conoco Tower Station and U-Drop Inn Café: Located in Shamrock, Texas, the 100-foot, art deco tower was built in 1936. It was once lit by colorful neon lights until a store damaged the lights.
  8. Devils Rope Museum: Located in McLean, Texas, this museum explores the history of Devil’s Rope, commonly known as barbed wire, as it relates to the expansion of cattle ranching in Texas.
  9. The Giant Cross: Standing 190 feet tall, the giant cross in Groom, Texas, is visible for up to 20 miles. Surrounding the base of the cross are life-sized statues of the 14 Stations of the Cross.
  10. Glenrio Historic Site: Located on the state line of Texas and New Mexico, this ghost town is sort of a graveyard of yesteryear. No residents or businesses remain but it’s a photographer’s treasure of abandoned buildings, old cars, and antique signs.