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Rt. 66 – Oklahoma!

By Diana Blidy

Oklahoma! Continuing along our fictional journey down the Mother Road, we will be making a stop in the state of Oklahoma during the month of May. Did you know that Oklahoma has more miles of Route 66 crossing through the state than any other state along that famed road?


  1. The Round Barn: Dated from 1898 and located in Arcadia, Oklahoma, it is the most photographed and famous barn on Rt. 66.
  2. Canadian River Bridge: Located near Geary, Oklahoma, this historic bridge is the longest bridge on Rt. 66, measuring 3,944.33 feet.
  3. The Ribbon Road: This single paved lane of old Rt. 66 is still drivable. At only nine feet wide, this stretch of Rt. 66 is located outside Miami, Oklahoma.
  4. Cyrus Avery Statue: Known as “The Father of Rt. 66,” Cyrus Avery made certain to build his own filling station and restaurant near Tulsa, Oklahoma, so that Rt. 66 would run right past it.
  5. Spooklights: Quapaw, Oklahoma, was the first town on the Mother Road famous for its “spooklights.”
  6. Trade Winds Inn: This inn located on Rt. 66 in Clinton, Oklahoma, was a favorite of Elvis Presley’s, who would stay the night there whenever he was passing through.
  7. Will Rogers: Rt. 66 was nicknamed the “Mother Road,” however, it was also nicknamed the “Will Rogers Highway” after Oklahoma’s favorite son, Will Rogers.
  8. Welcome to Davenport Mural: This mural, located on a wall in Davenport, Oklahoma, is one of the tallest murals on Rt. 66 at eight feet tall and 15 feet wide.
  9. The Blue Whale: Located just a half-mile east of Cartoosa, Oklahoma, the Blue Whale was once the centerpiece of a thriving little swim park and one of the most recognizable sights along Rt.66. Now restored to its original version, the smiling whale greets visitors as he floats in his own pond adjacent to a new picnic area.

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