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Resident’s Corner

It's April - Time for April Fools' Day, Easter, Passover and taxes, of course. What a combination!

This month's blog includes a mix of fiction and fantasy, so consider yourself warned.

Pickleball Zip Line

by Bobbi Wild Rice April foolery has it that in addition to carts there will be a zip-line to transport players and spectators to and from the new Pickleball Court. This will be an updated version of the infamous zip-line instituted a few years ago between Gardenside and the dining room patio. Free Gherkin pickles… Read More »

Living Inaction

The Fitness Center team is excited to announce that some new classes will be added to the fitness schedule this Spring! After hearing the reports of a popular circus closing, the fitness team jumped on the bandwagon and threw their hat in the ring for an opportunity to purchase some of the greatest show equipment… Read More »

Space Module to the Planets

Several Morningside residents with backgrounds in engineering and space exploration labored around the clock for weeks to build the first senior-friendly space module. The module will send seniors into space to explore the seven new planets recently discovered by NASA. A spokesman for the group said “Lift-off should be a blast!” The launch is set… Read More »

Living In Action

By Dianna Smock, Morningside Wellness Coordinator March into this month with a renewed commitment to wellness. We all have a basic understanding of what we need to do to lead a healthy life; move a little more, make wise food choices (which may be to eat a little less), remain engaged both socially and intellectually,… Read More »

Behind the Scenes

By Bobbi Rice A gift box from Tiffany’s is tied in a certain way – just as our laundry has a signature style. Who washes, irons and folds your bedsheets so neatly then delivers the small flat bundle to your door? A few people work daily, behind-the-scenes, to accomplish this. It’s a luxury! Morningside’s on-site… Read More »

Inside Morningside

Panama Canal The “Morningside Cruisers” recently enjoyed a 16-day trip through the Panama Canal on Oceania’s “Regatta.” Pickle Ball Pickle Ball, anyone? The court is almost ready for action! Bon Appétit! This lovely Nicoise salad is one of the delicious Healthy Living meal selections offered on the Winter Fest menu. Enjoy this salad with a… Read More »

Living In Action

By Dianna Smock, Morningside Wellness Coordinator During the month of February, Americans are encouraged to celebrate American Heart Month by becoming aware of and making heart healthy lifestyle choices. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease, stroke, and high blood pressure, remains the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States…. Read More »

A Classic Hobby

By Barbara Brinkley What do you call a car that is 25 or more years old? A Classic Car! The Antique Automobile Club of America recognizes Classic Cars as “motorized vehicles 25 years old or older, which were built in factories and specifically designed and manufactured for transportation use on public roadways and highways.” There… Read More »

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