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Poetry Corner – Christmas Doll

By Mary Raymond

When I was a child on my fifth Christmas Eve
I was given a doll in a beautiful dress,
And she even wore shoes—what a joy to receive
Such a gift though she never brought much happiness.

She had pretty blond curls on the top of her head,
Eyes that opened and closed and a ring on her hand;
But I never could cuddle that doll in my bed
And I longed for the comfort of Raggedy Ann.

Raggedy Ann wore a dress that was torn,
And her face was all smeared like she’d been in a crash;
Though her little limp body was soiled and worn,
Still she didn’t deserve to be thrown in the trash.

Now some of my best friends are shabby or crude;
When we all get together and laugh it’s a treat!
I have always liked people who lift up my mood,
And I never cared much for the social elite.

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