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A Look at the Woodworking Shop

By Marj Harman

The resident woodworking shop at Morningside has recently undergone a re-organization. Two garages, just to the east of the main gate, are dedicated for resident use. One is a cutting room, equipped with a band saw, drill press, spindle sander, belt sander, and miter saw. The other, away from the dust, is the finishing room.

Bob Warner and Mike Harman are co-chairs who oversee the organization and use of the shop. Bob is a third-generation woodworker. He still has some of his grandfather’s tools. Mike’s grandfather was a carpenter. Both are carrying on their families’ woodworking genes.

Norm and Rena Schwartz both make use of the shop. They’ve built several personal items, including shelves for Rena’s sewing room, and an origami table which folds up neatly for storage. Bob Warner is currently working on a rack that will store the shop’s multiple, various sized clamps. George Page is continuing to work on toy cars, fire trucks and ambulances that he gives to the Crittenden project at Christmas. S.O. Twete makes stained glass lamps and origami tables.

The shop provides a creative outlet for those who enjoy woodworking and have small personal projects. There are plans underway for early next year to host an open house at the woodworking shop so that all residents can be introduced to what is available at this terrific resource. Lessons will also be available for those who want to learn how to work with wood.

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