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Living in Action

Pepe Arroyo & Dianna Smock

Pepe Arroyo & Dianna Smock

If you could reduce your risk of developing dementia, would you? The number one reported fear that most people have of aging is developing dementia, so your answer would probably be yes. During the month of November, National Alzheimer’s awareness month, let’s take action to help reduce your risk.

There are several lifestyle choices that you can make now that can positively impact your cognitive health. At the top of the list is physical activity. What’s good for the heart is good for the brain. Engaging in regular exercise that includes both cardio and strength training exercises can lead to improvements in attention, concentration, planning and problem solving, all part of what’s known as executive function. Eating a heart healthy diet that includes omega-3 fatty acids, managing your medications, being socially engaged, and having good sleep habits will also benefit your cognitive health. Last, but not least, participating in a cognitive training program can help reduce your risk of dementia.

Cognitive training exercises, like those provided by the Dakim Brain Fitness machine, have been shown to help reduce the risk of developing dementia, and here’s one reason why; studies have shown that the more brain connections we make, by engaging in cognitive tasks, the more likely we will have some “reserve” when faced with diseases that affect our brain. A study done using the Dakim Brain Fitness machines indicated that the greatest benefit is achieved by consistently using the program for at least 2 months. During the month of November we encourage you to renew your commitment to brain health. Let’s flex our mental muscle this month!

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